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Commercial Information
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Facility to Handicapped PCO
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In Case of Difficulties or Suggestions to this site :
Email: helpdesk.mumbai@mtnl.net.in

Commercial Information


_ Click here for Simplified Procedure for allotment of STD/ISD/Local PCOs

_ Click here for tariff of Garuda prepaid FW PCO
  • MTNL reduces the minimum guaranteed amount for PCO w.e.f. 01/06/2010
  • MTNL increases local pulse rate from 60 sec. to 90 sec. for Local/Handicapped PCOs/Departmental CCB PCO and All India CCB STD PCOs w.e.f. 16/01/2010
  • Remigration from All India CCB PCO to original PCO is allowed after one month
_ Provision of One Additional PCO to each PCO Holders at the same location w.e.f. 15-07-2008 on the following conditions.
  • PCO holder need not pay installation charge and security deposit.
  • There will not be any minimum guarantee to be collected from this additional PCO.
  • This PCO will be either Local, HPCO, All India CCB PCO or STD/ISD PCO and will be linked to the existing PCO.
  • This facility will be extended to the PCO holders who opts this and there should not be any outstanding arrears against such PCO holders.
  • This additional PCO will be linked to the main PCO and will work as long as the main PCO works and will be disconnected as and when the main PCO is surrendered or recovered.
  • There is no change in the commission structure and billing period.
  • This facility will not be applicable for the PCOs where there is an outstnanding.
Tariff Particulars for All India CCB PCO`s

Sl.No. Particulars Charges
1. Local landline calls,calls to MTNL local Garuda and Dolphin & MTNL,Delhi landline/Garuda 90 sec
2. Local other Mobile calls 90 sec
3. Intra circle  
  < 50 km 60 sec
  50-100 km * 48 sec
  100 km * 48 sec
4. Inter Circle * 48 sec
5. ISD Not Allowed
6. Accessibility Both intra circle & inter circle calls and Maharashtra mobile calls accessible only on Level-0.
Adjoining area (<50 km)and calls to MTNL Delhi accessible on Level-95
7. Rate/Pulse Re 1(inclusive of service Tax)
8. Security deposit Rs. 1000/-
9. Charging on Local charging
10. Type of CPE CCB/external disconnector
11. Billing Cycle Fortnightly
12. Minimum Guarantee Rs. 150/fortnight (w.e.f.01/06/10)
13. Commissionion Upto 4000 calls 35%
>4000 calls/month 45% (only for calls above 4000)
Commission payable after adjusting service Tax.
14. Modification in CCB Local PCO`s migrating to this plan will require modification
in CCB instrument/external call disconnector
15. OCB,EWSD,5ESS New exchange category can be created
16. Fetex-150 / E10B New category cannot be created.For local PCO`s migrating
to this plan number change will be involved
  • MTNL STD/ISD as well as local PCO holders are welcomed now to sell MTNL phone cards, Trump and Garuda recharge coupons and STD/ISD code books from their booths.
Commission to Franchise STD ISD PCO holders in Mumbai


Sl.No. Name of the Product Particulars
1. MTNL Phone card(VCC) 7.2% on bulk purchase of Rs.5000/- and above
2. Recharge coupons 5.2% on bulk purchase of Rs.5000/- and above.
3. STD/ISD code books 8% on bulk purchase of 10 books or more.

Interested PCO holders are requested to contact respective Area AGM(Sales).

Revised Tariff Particulars for STD/ISD PCO
Sl.No. Particulars Charges
1. Security Deposit Rs.2000/-(Initially to be raised to one month bill amount)
2. Minimum Guarantee Rs.250/- per month (w.e.f.01/06/10)
3. Pulse duration New Delhi calls permitted as local call.
Varying duration upon station dialled for rest of India/World.
4. Rate per pulse Rs.1.20/pulse(per 60 secs.)(13.00 hrs of 6/7/09)
5. Terminal Instrument Call Logger
6. Commission Upto 5000 calls - 30%
Beyond 5000 calls - 40%
(Commission is on monthly call basis for both)
_Pulse Duration and Commission to Local PCO holders in Mumbai

  • The Commission to handicapped PCO holders will be 40 Paise.
  • The call charges will be retained at Re. 1/- only ( for Mumbai MTNL Unit).
  • PCO Board is to be displayed
Revised Tariff Particulars for Local PCO
Sl.No. Particulars Charges
1. Security Deposit Rs.500/-
2. Minimum Guarantee Rs.150/- per month (w.e.f.01/06/10)
3. Pulse duration 90 secs. (w.e.f. 16/01/2010)
4. Rate per pulse Re.1.00/-
5. Commission per call Upto 3000 calls - 40%
Beyond 3000 calls - 50%
Revised Tariff Particulars for Local Handicapped PCO
Sl.No. Particulars Charges
1. Security Deposit Nil
2. Minimum Guarantee Rs.100/- per month
3. Pulse duration 90 secs. (w.e.f. 16/01/2010)
4. Rate per pulse Re.1.00/-
5. Commission per call 50% flat (commission paid on
monthly call basis)
_Provision of additional Local PCO to the same Handicapped PCO holder

  • The Commission for local Handicapped PCOs is effective from 01.09.2007
  • Relaxation to additional number of PCOs to the same handicapped PCO holder.
  • The revenue / call limit of the existing PCO need not be taken into account for provision of additional PCO ( as incase of other local PCO holder) without security deposit.
  • Faulty instrument has to be replaced free of cost for HPCO.
  • This is effective from 10.06.2005.
_Benefit for PCOs during faulty period

  • PCOs are allowed to get benefit of proportinate deduction of minimum guarantee amount for faulty period.
  • The faulty period is minimum 3 days and upto the actual number of faulty days.
  • If a PCO holder comes for reconnection after a break due to non-payment disconnection, no minimum guarantee should be charged for the break period.
  • This has started w.e.f. 19.12.2005
Last updated on 30.05.2010

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