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MTNL Internet Services

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Welcome to MTNL's CLI Based ExpressNet Service !!!
_What is ExpressNet (CLI based Instant Internet Access) Service ?
  • The service is based on Pay as you use model.
  • The Internet Usage will be charged based on the Calling Line Identity (CLI) information.
  • The Internet Usage will be billed in the regular telephone bill.
  • You can access Internet immediately without the need for stepping out of your home/office to buy a CD pack.

_Who can access this service ?
  • This service is available to MTNL Mumbai PSTN telephone customers only.
  • This service is now available for MTNL ISDN Customers also.

_How to use Expressnet Service?
To use this service :
  1. For Dialing from MTNL PSTN line : Use the Dial-up number 172231 to connect.
  2. For Dialing from MTNL ISDN line : Use the Dial-up number 172232 to connect.
  3. Put the telephone number from which you are making connection as Username.
  4. Enter mtnl as password.
For more details about configuration of your PC for MTNL Instant Internet, click here OR Contact MTNL Internet Helpdesk.
Connect To Connect To

_Tariff of Service
  • The Internet usage for PSTN will be charged @8 paise per minute.
  • The Internet usage for ISDN will be charged @16 paise per channel per minute.
    i.e ISDN Access on 64 kbps will be charged @16 paise per minute
    and ISDN Access on 128 kbps will be charged @32 paise per minute.

  • This will be included in regular Telephone bill.

  • Normal Local call charges as applicable.

_Check Usage Details
To check usage details of MTNL Instant Internet from your number, click here.

_MTNL Dialer
To download the MTNL Mumbai dialer click here.

Incase of any clarification please contact MTNL Mumbai Internet Helpdesk on Tel: 1800 22 8844, Fax: 2433 1411 or
E-mail: helpdesk.mumbai@mtnl.net.in

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