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Internet Services

_Configuring Your E Mail

_Configuration of Browser (Internet Explorer 4. x)

a) Open Internet Explorer.
b) Click on Go.
c) Choose the Mail option.
d) Enter your Display Name e.g. your name or nick name. Press Next.
e) Enter your e-mail address as provided earlier. Press Next.
f) Enter mail2.mtnl.net.in as Incoming mail (pop3 or IMAP) Server.
g) Enter mail2.mtnl.net.in as Outgoing mail (SMTP) Server.
h) Press Next.
i) Enter friendly name of your choice. Press Next.
j) Select Connect using my phone line. Press Next.
k) Click on the Finish button.

_Configuration of Internet Mail

The MTNL E-Mail server supports both "POP3" and "IMAP4" clients. The e-mail clients that run on our PC are normally bundled with the browser software like the internet mail or outlook express with internet explorer and the netscape messenger with Netscape communicator.

A . Internet Explorer 4.x

a) Double click My Computer.
b) Double click Control Panel.
c) Double click MAIL icon.
d) Click on Add.
e) Check Internet Mail and click Next.
f) Click on Modem. Press Next.
g) Select the connection for accessing the Internet mail
which you configured earlier at (4-d-iii.) Press Next.
h) You can select either Specify the name option and enter mail2.mtnl.net.in or you can select Specify the IP address and enter and press Next.
i) Select Automatic option for mode of transferring message. Click on Next.
j) Specify the E-mail address as allotted to you and select user full name option which will displayed on your mail message. Press Next.
k) Type your Mailbox name and Password as provided to you. Click on Next.
l) Default pathname can be kept or you enter a different pathname.
m) Press Finish.

B. Outlook Express

1. Open outlook express then ,click on" Tools".
2. Click on "Accounts".
3. Select "Mail tab . If you have any entries in the table ,kindly remove them.
4. Click on "Add".
5. Click on "Mail".
6. Enter a name and click on "Next".
7. Enter your full E-Mail address (e.g. helpdesk@mtnl.net.in) and click on "Next ".
8. Choose incoming mail server as "POP 3"in the incoming (POP3) mail server window enter mail2.mtnl.net.in as the server name. In the outgoing mail server (SMTP) window enter mail2.mtnl.net.in as the server name. Click on "Next".
9. "In log on using POP3 account name" enter your user name. Enter password if you wish . Click on "Next".
10. Enter a friendly name for Internet mail account .Click on "Next."
11. Choose connect using phone line. Click on "Finish".
12. Now mail account is created in friendly name with details . You can check up or modify the details by clicking on properties. Click on "Close".

C. Netscape (Communicator/Navigator)

1. Open netscape browser and click on "Edit".
2. Select "preferences".
3. Click on the "Mail & News Group."
4. Select "Indenity ". Make entries Of "your name" and "E-mail" address as given to you e.g.abc@mtnl.net.in.
5. Select "Mail servers " from "category" given in left portion of the screen.
6. Select" Add" tab and give "mail 2.mtnl.net.in" in server name and your login id in "User name". Select "server type" as "POP"3 server.
7. In "outgoing mail server " again give "mail2.mtnl.net.in" and your login -id at "User name" and click on "Ok."
8. Rest of the things should default.

MTNL provides a limited free space to each user for storing mails. It is important that these mails are downloaded frequently to keep the server space free for new incoming mails. If you expect a large number of mails kindly downloaded them frequently. Please also make sure that the option for deleting mail messages on the server is selected . In Internet mail this can be checked by selecting "Mail" "Options" checking the "Advanced settings". In outlook express this can be verified by checking the advanced properties of the mail account. (Select "Tools" "Accounts" "properties of the account" "advanced settings"). The option "Leave messages on the server" should not be selected . If you are having more than one mail accounts configured set the latest one as default.

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