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Our Services
Phone Plus Facility
_Call Waiting (Call Alert)
_Call Transfer/Forward
_Abbreviated Dialling
_Hot Line Facility
_Dynamic Locking
_Three Party Conference
_Wake Up/Reminder Call
_Call Hunting Facility
_Absentee Facility
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Phone Plus FacilityPhone Plus Facility
Phone Plus Facility

MTNL announces w.e.f. 1st June 2004, following Phone Plus Facilities will be free and customers will not be charged Rs. 10/- per month for each Phone Plus facility -

1.Call Transfer/Forward
2.Abbreviated Dialing
3.Three Party Conferencing
4.Hot Line
6.Absentee facility
_Call Waiting (Call Alert)

Call Alert means alerting the subscriber of another incoming call on his telephone while he is already in conversation. This facility allows the subscriber to take the second call keeping the first party on hold.

Click here to download form for Phone Plus Facility (PDF Format)

_Special Feature

Second Caller gets a ring-back tone instead of an engaged tone even when the called number is already in conversation with any other party.

Activation : This facility is automatically activated from the exchange. In case it is not, subscriber may dial "118" to activate it. He will get an acceptance tone similar to the engaged tone but with a longer gap between the beeps.
Deactivation : Subscriber has to dial "119" and get the acceptance tone


Suppose the subscriber is speaking to someone "A" on his telephone and a special tone [Two short beeps] alerts him of another incoming call "B", the subscriber then will have the following options.

1) He can disconnect "A" and talk to "B":-
Just press the hook switch once to get a special dial tone.Then dial digit "1", "A" will automatically get disconnected and subscriber will be able to speak to "B".
2) He can keep "A" on hold and talk to "B":-
Press the hook switch once to get a special dial tone. Then dial digit "2","A" is now on hold and he will be able to speak to "B".
3) He can keep "B" on hold while reverting back to conversation with "A".
By pressing the hook switch to get a special dial tone then dial digit "2" again. Now "B" is on hold and he can resume conversation with "A".
4) He can disconnect "B" and continue conversation with "A".
Press the hook switch to get the special dial tone.Dial digit "1". He is now back to "A" while "B" has been disconnected.

In all the above steps privacy is assured.


In all the above steps privacy is assured.
While exercising the option subscriber should press the hook switch quickly to avoid disconnection of the call. Subscriber can alternate between A & B as often as he pleases but he cannot conduct a simultaneous conversation with both.


Facility is provided free of charge

_Whom to Contact for Assistance and Problems

For any further assistance contact Divisional Engineer (Internal ) in charge of the Exchange under which your number falls.

Click here to download form for Phone Plus Facility

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