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Data Communications Networking

Phone Plus Facilities

_Dynamic Locking Facility

Dynamic locking completely eliminates misuse of your telephone by others. It prevents unauthorised calls from your telephone.
This is completely foolproof. It is a system by which a subscriber can lock /unlock outgoing on his telephone.

It works on a four digit secret code selected by the subscriber from the digits 0 to 9. This code is registered with the exchange and used for opening and locking the dynamic lock on your telephone line. This code can be changed by the subscriber as often as he needs.
The procedure for using the dynamic locking facility is as below :
Phone Plus Facility

Registration of Code 123 ABCD ABCD
To Change Secret Code 123 ABCD* *EFGH
Calls Allowed Access Code Secret Code Option
All calls allowed (Landline,Cellular,WLL-M / Internet / Trunk / Level 95/STD/ISD ) 124 ABCD 0
Local (Landline,Cellular,WLL-M / Internet / Trunk ) 124 ABCD 1
Local (Landline) / Level-95 (upto 50 Kms.) 124 ABCD 2
Local (Landline,Cellular,WLL-M) / Internet / Trunk / Level-95/
Maharashtra Circle Mobile/STD
124 ABCD 3
All outgoing Calls Barred 124 ABCD 4
Local (Landline,Cellular,WLL-M) / Internet / Trunk / Level-95/
Maharashtra Circle Mobile
124 ABCD 5

*ABCD -Old Secret Code
*EFGH -New Secret Code

Note (for Customers of Levels 2265/6/7/8/9, 2340/1/2/3/4, 2371/2/5/8, 2830/1/2, 2871/2/3/4/5, 2850/1/2, 2882/3/8/9, 2522/3/4, 2508/9, 2512/3, 2533/4/6/7/8, 2780, 2765/6) :

  1. Locking is available for all users.
  2. First time Registration is to be read as "123 1111 ABCD"
  3. Option '5' above is not available

Maharashtra Circle Cellular Codes
   All the STD barred subscribers of MTNL Landline (including FWT and Garuda Subscribers) are given access to cellular codes of Maharashtra cellular circle as shown below:
1 BSNL Mobile (Cellone & Excel) 09422
2 Idea Cellular 09822, 09850
3 BPL Cellular 09823
4 Bharti Cellular (Airtel) 09890
5 Tata Teleservices (Indicom) 09225, 09226, 09270 < 09273
6 Reliance Infocomm (RIM) 09325, 09326, 09370 < 09373
  • With this facility, STD barred subscribers can make calls to cellular numbers of Maharashtra Circle, of the above mentioned codes, by opening the dynamic lock by '5'.
  • The calls to these codes can be blocked by locking with option '1'.
  • This facility is not available to subscribers of exchange levels 2265/6/7/8/9, 2340/1/2/3/4, 2371/2/5/8, 2830/1/2, 2871/2/3/4/5, 2850/1/2, 2882/3/8/9, 2522/3/4, 2508/9, 2512/3, 2533/4/6/7/8, 2780, 2765/6.
  • Also this facility is not available to Local PCOs.


Facility is provided free of charge.

_Where to Apply

To avail the facility please apply to sub divisional engineer QCSC of your exchange. Click here to download application for Dynamic Locking Facilities (PDF Format)

_Whom to Contact in case of difficulty

Please contact Divisional Engineer (Internal ) in charge of the exchange under which your number falls.

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