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MTNL Mumbai reduces international call charges from VCC w.e.f.15/09/2010

Now talk more with MTNL VCC.Pulse rate increased to 90 sec per pulse for STD calls w.e.f. 01/03/2010
It is powerful tool for those who are on the move and who do not own a phone.

This service allows customers to make a call from any tone telephone in the MTNL/BSNL networks available All over India to any destination - local, national or international even if the telephone from where the call made is without STD facility.

Virtual Card Calling

_The service In Brief

This service allows the subscriber to place calls from any normal access interface to any destination number and have the cost of these calls charged to the account specified by the virtual card calling (VCC) number, which does not refer either to the calling line or the called line. Virtual card calling service is an access code based service. All Virtual card calls are preceded by the access code 160222. After dialling the access code, the subscriber is prompted to enter the virtual card number followed by the destination number . The virtual cards are of three types viz . Local ,National and international

_ where to buy Virtual Cards

VCC cards can be purchased from any area / Quick customer service centres.

_About the VCC Card

1. Card Number :
Card number is a 10-digit number printed in the confidential area and becomes visible when the card is opened up. Since the card number is electronically printed, no body else knows it.
2. PSN Number :
It is a number printed on the face of VCC card. It should be used for any correspondence regarding VCC service/complaints.
3. Validity Period :

Validity Period is the period upto which the VCC card is valid.For using the card, subscriber must activate his card by dialing Activation Code 1609 22.The validity period starts from the date of activation of the card. Therefore, the card can be used till either fully exhausting the limit or the expiry date whichever is earlier.
Validity period has been increased w.e.f. 01/12/2009, the details are shown in the table below.
Sl.No. Denominations (Face Value) Sale price (inclusive of S/T) (in Rs.) New Talk Time (in Rs.) Validity Period
1. Rs.55/ - Rs.55/- Rs.50/- 45 Days
2. Rs.110/ - Rs.110/- Rs.100/- 90 Days
3. Rs.220/- Rs.220/- Rs.200/- 120 Days
4. Rs.550/- Rs.550/- Rs.500 150 Days
5. Rs.1100/- Rs.1100/- Rs.1100 270 Days

4. Value :
The VCC cards are available in denomination of
Rs. 110/-, Rs. 220/-, Rs. 550/-, and Rs. 1100/-
The above denominations are inclusive of service tax.

_Dialling Procedure

1. Lift the handset and listen to the dial tone.
2. Dial access code 160222 and Listen to the announcement "Please dial your card number".
3. If the instrument is not in Tone mode , then Press * on your telephone and then dial the card number. Button with * is generally available on the left of "0" button in PB type instrument.
4. Wait for the announcement " Your current card limit is (amount). This announcement can be interrupted. Please dial the destination number.
5. Dial the destination number.
6. Speak to the called party and disconnect the line.


1. Everytime you make a call, your credit balance will be announced.
2. Call is charged to your 'Phone Card' number account and not to the telephone from where you make the call.
3. The fee per unit pulse is Rs. 1.00 w.e.f. 22.02.2007.
4.The call unit (pulses) will be as per the existing tarrif applicable for local, STD and ISD calls.
5. If asked, detailed bill will be charged @ Rs.100/-.

Tariff for all calls in VCC
Particulars Pulse rate in sec/pulse Charges
Charges & Pulse rate for Local Calls
To MTNL landline/WLL/Cellular 180 secs. Re. 1.00 for 3minutes
To MTNL landline at night hrs(23.00-06.00hrs) 300 secs. Re. 1.00 for 5 minutes
To Other N/W Wll/Cellular 90 secs. Re. 1.00 for 1.5 minutes
Charges & Pulse rate for STD Calls
Adj. SDCA < 50 Kms to landline 120 secs. Re. 1.00
Adj. SDCA < 50 Kms to Wll Mobile 90 secs.
Re. 1.00
Above 50 Kms to Basic(Landline/WLL) 90 secs.
Re. 1.00 for 90 second
Above 50 Kms to GSM/CDMA 60 secs.
Re. 1.00 per minute
To Delhi MTNL Landline 180 secs. Re. 1.00 per 3 minutes
Click Here for Charges & Pulse rate for ISD Calls

_Important Information

1. Announcements:
(i) Announcements are fed to guide you and it is not necessary to listen to the complete announcements and it can be interrupted. (ii) Normally you hear the announcements mentioned above. However, during the busy hours, instead of announcements you may hear special type of dial tone. In such a case you can still proceed with dialling step by step.

2. Destination Number:
This is the number to which you want to make the call. Suppose you want to make a call to 2109011 at Calcutta then please dial 0332109011#. Dialling # at the end of number is not necessary but if it is dialled, it gives a faster response. The # button is generally available on the right of "0" button.

3. Any Phone:
You may use the card from any push-button phone. The charging is done to your card number and not to phone from which you make VCC call (not even a local call is charged). The telephone need not have STD/ISD facility. However, the VCC cannot be used from rotary type of telephone instruments.

4. Correcting the Wrong Number:
If the destination number dialled is wrong, it can be corrected by pressing * and redialling the number from the beginning without disconnecting the phone. For example, while dialling the above destination number of Calcutta, instead of dialling 0332109011, you dial 0334. In order to correct it, immediately press * and then 0332109011 without disconnecting. with this , you have effectively dialled 0332109011.

5. Service Eligibility:
Cards of all denominations can be used to make ISD, STD and local calls.

6. A VCC or ACC card of MTNL can be used in all IN stations in India using the same procedure.

7. Tariff: Tariff has been changed from Rs. 1.10 per unit Flat to Re .1.00 per unit Flat.

* Discount on Bulk Purchase :

1. For value of Rs.50,000/- to Rs.9,99,999 :-- 7%
2. For value of Rs.10,00,000/- and above : -- 8.5%.

1. Never disclose your card number.
2. While folding the card please ensure that no folds are made over the confidential area (extreme right side) of the card because any folds over this portion may tamper your card number.
3. It will be better if you note down your card number somewhere, because due to mishandling of card, some of the digits may get tampered and become unclear.
4. While purchasing the card, please ensure that card has a PSN number written over it and that the card is not open. Don't purchase it if PSN is not written or the card is open or tampered.
5. Be cautious while using the cards on phones that have display or redial facility. Erase the number after disconnecting the call to avoid misuse.


Call charges are billed to the virtual card number and does not refer to the calling line or the called line. The periodic bill for the virtual card call will be generated by the service providers. Bills can be generated on demand.

_Whom to contact

For details :
D.E.(PR) : 22094045
P.R.O.(LC) : 2207 2690
Office of General Manager(LC),
MTNL, Mumbai, Tele. Bldg., Gr. floor,
Charanjit Rai Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400001.

For Technical details dial UAN No. : 1901-22-6789/SDE (IN) on 24327002/24382486

For complaints dial Toll Free No. : 1800221500

P.S.: The rates indicated are as per present tariff and are subject to change without any notice.

Last updated on 29.05.2010

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